Research Your Wedding Photographer

This page was created to inform the public of my experience with the photographer that we used at our wedding.

My wife and I were married on 4/21/2018 and our contract with Zach Weber Photography stated we would have our photos within 6-8 weeks.  As of 9/14/18 it has been just shy of 21 weeks since our wedding and we still haven’t received our photos.

Unfortunately we didn’t do our research prior to hiring Zach Weber Photography for our wedding.  If we had, we would’ve found that there are MULTIPLE bad reviews on numerous sites, see below.   As time permits I’ll upload screen shots of the conversations I’ve had with Zach Weber, the few times he’s responded.


zach weber photo for website

15 thoughts on “Research Your Wedding Photographer

  1. His man cancelled 2 days before our wedding through email for a “family emergency”. We had him booked for over a year! Come to find out he did a wedding the same night as mine. I will never get to recreate that day so I can have the beautiful pictures I thought I was going to have. After this happened I’ve heard horror stories from brides that he made cry at their weddings and withholding their pictures after. I know he has multiple lawsuits against him. Hopefully one day he will pay.


    1. You probably would have had to fight to get them anyway. And I fully believe that if you piss him off you will only recieve a few good pictures and the rest are not that great. My sister pissed him off so there were no pictures of her at the wedding with her daughter (the bride)


  2. I suppose enough is enough. As most of you know, we hired Zach Weber to take our wedding photos. While he does good work, I am here to inform everyone of our horrible experience with him and the unprofessional-ism that has been shown. We booked him November 6, 2016 for engagements, bridals, and wedding photos. Our engagements were taken and returned promptly, within two-three weeks. The experience was so great that we were convinced that the negative reviews we read were false. Then the bridals took place. He was rude when I was not prepared with certain things for the shoot, even though we never talked about it before the day of the shoot. He even took it as far as to imply that my choice of bouquet wouldn’t work. In other words, it was ugly. Regardless, we had to reschedule the shoot and the photos were, again, returned promptly. One week before our wedding, Zach messaged me to ask if we had reserved him a hotel room for after the wedding. I told him we hadn’t because he never specified that he needed one, and it even states on the contract under the hotel clause the one would not be needed as he wrote “N/A” under it. Regardless, we paid for one last minute. When our wedding day arrived, Zach was on time and got to work. But, it didn’t take long before rude comments were made to my bridesmaids and Tanner’s groomsmen. I wanted the experience to run smooth, so I let it slide. After the wedding, he was paid in full and our photos were promised in 6-8 weeks, as our contract stated. He asked me to check in and “remind him” periodically. He continued to state, “this weekend”, “24 hours”, “tonight”, but 24 weeks later and we have yet to have all of our photos. On October 12th, he decided to upload 261 photos from before the ceremony, and he promised there were 1,400 photos total and they would all be uploaded, yet only 261 appeared. Eventually, messages began to be ignored. From text messages, to Facebook messages (both personal page and business), to Instagram…all ignored. His excuse being that he doesn’t check his messages that often. Although, he posted on all sites constantly. So, I decided to reach out to other brides to see if they were having the same issues. Of the ten brides I reached out to, eight replied and said they had the exact same issues. At this point, I don’t even care if the photos are edited, we simply want them. They have been paid for, plus some, and yet we have nothing to show for it. We have even consulted an attorney, but found out he already has several cases against him pending. He has breached contract, yet has no remorse for doing so. I share our story to ensure that no other brides have this issue with him. Our wedding day was full of special memories, and it breaks my heart that we may never have photos of that day.

    We did finally receive our photos after a letter from our lawyer and many nasty messages from him.

    The photos you posted of the messages between you and him are very similar to how he spoke to us.


  3. Call your local news station. Several of them around here will go after this guy on TV and call him out for all the world to see. Do it. He’ll give your money back. Also, take him to small claims court. Turn him into the BBB. Don’t let him get away with this.


  4. My cousin got married last May and used this guy. He was super unprofessional during the wedding and reception and they had to beg him for photos that she got numerous months after. Then he threatens to sue them.


  5. Hi,
    Zach photographed my wedding over two years ago at this point, but I have yet to print out any of my photos… because none of them are of high enough quality and look like he slapped an Instagram filter on them. He took way longer than his contract stated to return the photos… I had to literally bug him daily and get rude and disrespectful text messages from him but I didn’t give up. He gave me my ceremony and reception photos separate over Dropbox.. just keep bothering him until he sends you your photos. I have talked to many women who have had the same exact problem with him, it’s very sad and frustrating because these are precious moments that he is taking away from many people. Can’t believe he is still pulling this type of behavior years later! It’s gotta stop.


  6. June 27th, 2015… as of this date we have never received our photos we paid over $1100 for..My husband and I hired him to take our vow renewal photos after he did a great job with our family photos. When we got married, we did not have a wedding, so this was our wedding 10 years later. We will never have memories of that day.. I begged for months just to have him block me from everything.


  7. We had a similar experience with him and i did sue him in small claims court and received a judgement against him but, he has never paid it, i knew i would never get my money back but, it was the principle of the matter. Every year i post a copy of the judgement on facebook in hopes it will save someone from having to go through what we did. Hopefully it has but, there are still some that use him anyway.


  8. I hired zach for my daughter’s wedding for may 2017, we booked engagements, bridal & wedding. We did the review check and on social media they came back great. BUT on “The Knot” they were awful. I asked him about them and he ensured me it was because people didn’t pay him, so he didnt deliver product. He was fine for engagements. Then the storm hit. He was A JERK at the bridal session, which was 4 days before the wedding. I was willing to break the contract to be rid of him, but reluctantly let him do the wedding. The day of the wedding had to be scheduled around HIM. He was rude to guests, HE grabbed the box from the florist, of “boutonnieres” …. because he was rushing so bad *remember this, it comes into play later*, we rented him a room, I bought a THANK YOU gift for him, kissed his butt the entire day. He finished up, and left. I had big checks coming thru so told my bank girl to alert me when the: venue, DJ, photographer checks rolled through. Monday morning at 8:45a.m. I get my 1st alert, zach crashed his check, boom, 1 down, after 7 weeks, I reached out to him via text, told him how excited everyone was to see pics, and how was it going because the “natives were getting restless”…he…blew…up… called me names, told me the wedding was the most unorganized, Unprofessional, etc (I’m a wedding caterer/cake decorator/ by trade). He told me he was an ARTIST and you do not rush art, yadda yadda… told my daughter’s new husband we were crazy and he felt sorry for him, marrying into such a crazy family. Then he changed to a new tactic and said it took “forever” for the check to clear, so I’d have to wait. I told him he lying, he was the 1st vendor to get his payment, then NO COMMUNICATION… I took to social media, and it was on. He informed me we’d never get photos, blah blah, after 10 weeks, we finally got pics. They are AWFUL. You cannot print them any bigger than 5×7 because all the eyes blacken, and look distorted. So we spent $1700.00 on photos that are 5×7 or smaller, a anxiety filled wedding day, and over 3mos of stomach wrenching nerves becayse of him!! And then to top it off, when we got the pics back, all the guys were wearing CORSAGES as their boutonnieres because the idiot grabbed the wrong box!! So I was out 250.00 for the boutonnieres that were NEVER used. STAY AWAY from him. I’d rather use a disposable camera and take my chances with red eye, then EVER use him again…


  9. The same thing has happened to me I’m not going to give all the details as we all know pretty much what this man does. What I did do is start looking for anyone that has tagged him @txfotgrafer and start sharing with them before they make the same mistakes.


  10. We also had a terrible experience using Zach Weber! It took forever to finally get (most) of our pics bc first he ”didn’t have a working phone” and then his “internet was cut off” for an unpaid bill. He made promises that he never fulfilled (signing a contract with him is worthless). He changes into an unprofessional and mean person after he takes your cash! He preys on different communities by changing his location & filtering negative feedback on his business page. I have been contacted by several distressed brides who he either he didn’t show up for their wedding or didnt give them their pics!! 💔 I’m happy to refer Mykah Stringfellow & XO Yours Truly Photography, though!


  11. We used Zach Weber for our wedding photography back in 2014. Although we did get our pictures, (NOT in the time frame stated in his contract) it took us about 3 months, and took my mother constantly bugging him, he finally dropped a tiny USB on my parents front door. He was very picky on what I wore for our engagements, would force me into wearing his props that I did not like, mocked me because I do not wear a lot of makeup which caused him “to have to do a lot of editing enhancing” and was furious at me for having a spray tan for our wedding “after he specifically told me not to”. Our photos are not edited well, he made us and our wedding party look so pale and ghostly.
    The day of our wedding, he treated my mother awfully and rushed me and my bridal party terribly. He would also get mad at my family members for smiling for photos.
    Also all of our reception photos were not edited, they were not any better than what friends could have taken with their iPhones.
    I am one of the only lucky ones who got their photos, but I still would not recommend his services.


  12. We got married in 2015 as well. Booked him for engagements, bridal, and wedding. His work looked really great. Engagements went well. Took a long time to get the pictures but we were very happy with the quality. Bridals were good as well. Then the other shoe dropped. He cancelled FOUR DAYS before our wedding, by letter. He cited a family emergency to us as well. We were absolutely blown away by how little he cared. He values corporate photography and big payouts and “artistic” shots over happy customers with lifelong memories of their special day. Please do not book him. He does not care about people.


  13. We hired him to do our wedding, it’s been two years and we haven’t recieved them. He got drunk at my wedding and tried to fight our DJ, didn’t even take photos during first dances ect. Made us do first look photos so that they would be *better* than my husband just seeing me at the wedding. Showed up after I got ready, charged us extra for gas and made us get him a hotel room. He was so drunk that he was walking around the hotel in his underwear. My friends knew him, so I didn’t look up reviews. I wish that I had! This website is amazing.


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